HSE represents over 50 years of engineering experience. We offer a wide range of services from site surveys, system assessments, radio path studies, to turn-key installation, on-site installation supervision, and complete base station configuration.


Annual Maintenance Contracts are available to help you reduce costs related to your installation while ensuring your system and instrumentation are operating at peak performance.


HSE offers Hosted Data Monitoring Services. This service spans across all market segments served by HSE, including RWIS, flooded roadway warning systems, HydroMet monitoring systems, and dam and levee safety systems.



Pre-Construction to Site Completion
Customers benefit from having a single source from pre-construction to site completion. HSE provides the personal attention of a small firm, backed by more than fifty years of extensive knowledge and engineering experience. Services consist of radio path studies, site surveys, project management, installation supervision, turn-key installation, and FCC licensing assistance.

Site Maintenance
Once your project is completed you can decide to maintain your sites with your own personnel or by using HSE's maintenance services. Either way periodically maintaining your equipment is the key to ensured performance. HSE offers on-site maintenance training, as well as annual or semi-annual site inspection and maintenance agreements. More Information.

Factory and On-Site Training
Factory and on-site training classes are available. HSE seminars and workshops offer the most thorough and complete instruction for companies, agencies and individuals devoted to environmental monitoring. Based on real-world scenarios and let by experienced instructors, HSE training classes teach students how to improve their day-to-day operational skills. More Information.

Repair and Calibration Services
HSE maintains an in-house repair and calibration facility. Our electronic technicians and engineers have extensive experience in evaluating and/or troubleshooting most any hardware challenge. The facility is equipped with environmental chambers, test equipment for tuning radios and calibrating pressure-sensitive devices, and sophisticated computer systems for running diagnostic test programs. HSE also has highly trained field service technicians at various locations who can visit your site and perform field repairs. These technicians will be able to troubleshoot your equipment and provide recommendations on replacement equipment, if necessary. More Information.

Hosted Data Monitoring Services
This service spans across all market segments served by HSE, including RWIS, roadway flood warning systems, HydroMet monitoring systems, and dam/levee safety systems. HSE can host system data remotely via a number of means, depending on the system architecture. These connections are typically through an existing network, bridged via cell modem, direct radio feed, or satellite. These services can provide a range of access, data archival, and notification services. More Information.



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