Towers, Standpipes, Enclosures

7000The 7000 Series ALERT/IFLOWS Standpipe can easily be installed by one person in 3-4 hours (depending on soil conditions). Typical installation calls for a round hole 2 feet deep with a 2 foot diameter. The standpipe is placed in the hole and secured in place with concrete. The Model 7000-00 is a good example of our goal to design equipment that provides accurate and reliable data while keeping installation, operation, and maintenance as quick and easy as possible. The current weatherproof design is based on years of field experience of our engineers & personnel, and feedback from dozens of ALERT field technicians and system operators.


Telemetry Cabinet - 5950 SeriesThe Telemetry Cabinet - 5950 Series is based on years of field experience and the feedback of our ALERT/ALERT2 field technicians and customers. The telemetry cabinet is weatherproof and offers users the ability to house most any style of transmitter, whether it's a canister or NEMA enclosure.