3580The Environmental Monitoring Station Controllers - 3580 Master Series were designed to monitor environmental sensors and send control signals to an advanced warning system. Conditions like water level, visibility, wind speed, or road temperature can be monitored by an Environmental Monitoring Station Controller which can send a control signal to a remote warning system to alert the public to an emergency condition. Alternatively the Environmental Monitoring Station Controllers can locally control a system using its control outputs.


3580The Flashing Beacon Controller - 3580 Remote Series was designed to control and manage a visual or auditory public warning system. Flashing beacons, barrier gates, message signs, or sirens are turned on by the Flashing Beacon Controller when an emergency event triggers the system. Sensors attached directly to the Flashing Beacon Controller or a radio transmission from a separate monitoring system can trigger the public warning system.


3306The Model 3306 ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter is a powerful and flexible addition to HSE'S ALERT/ IFLOWS family of products designed with the field technician in mind. The 3306 is housed in a 17.8 cm (7 inch) diameter aluminum canister for use in ALERT/IFLOWS standpipe applications. Sensor connections are made via MS connectors.


3306-02The Model 3306-02 ALERT2 Data Transmitter utilizes the ALERT2 data format, which uses faster baud rates for transmission and allows more data to be sent in shorter messages.   The 3306-00 has all the senor interface, data logging and reporting features as the Model 3306-00 Transmitter, and is programmed using HSE's Insight Software program.


3316The Model 3316 ALERT/IFLOWS Data Logger Transmitter is configured in a hinged water resistant enclosure with latch to support a variety of installation applications. Examples include a Standpipe, Pole Mount within a larger cabinet, or in a gage house. Sensor connectors are made via MS connectors.


3324-02The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit - Model 3324-02 is a cost effective way to upgrade a rain only monitoring site from Legacy ALERT to ALERT2. The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit can be used to upgrade High Sierra Electronics (HSE) transmitter Models 3206 and 3201 and the Model 5096 transmitter which has been manufactured over the years by Sierra Misco, NovaLynx, and HydroLynx. The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit hardware mounts quickly and easily in your existing transmitter’s chassis using the included wiring harnesses to connect to your transmitter’s battery and radio (Maxon or Midland).


3302The ALERT2 Repeaters/Concentrators - 330X Series supports ALERT2, the next generation of wireless communication protocol for use in real-time hydrologic monitoring systems.

The ALERT2 Repeaters/Concentrators receive and re-transmit ALERT2 data. Many configurations add concentrator capability which means that the ALERT2 Repeaters/Concentrator will also receive Legacy ALERT data and re-transmit it as Concentrated ALERT as defined within the ALERT2 Protocol.


3300The Model 3300-00 Repeaters are one of the key components of an ALERT/IFLOWS data collection network. Often an entire network or a significant portion of the system's gauges report through a single repeater. Given the critical nature of the role the Repeater plays in a system, High Sierra Electronics has always paid particular attention to repeater applications to insure system integrity. Over the years we have incorporated innovations to our repeater such as which eliminates the "ping pong" or echo affect that could be a problem in some systems. The Model 3300-00 includes Echo Suppression as a standard feature.


1002The ALERT2 Demodulator - 1002 Series receives ALERT2 messages from remote sensing stations and passes them to a base station computer equipped with an ALERT2 base station software program. Data is exported simultaneously out both a Serial data port and an Ethernet port. An "active" light comes on when the ALERT2 Demodulator receives data, as a visual indication to verify proper operation.


1000-03The Model 1000-03 ALERT / IFLOWS Decoder decodes incoming data and provides an RS-232C output for computer input. Data is transferred out the serial port at the same time it is received at the audio input. An "active" light comes on when receiving data as visual feedback for verifying proper operation.


3345The ALERT Transceiver / Decoder - Model 3345-00 combines the functions of a Receiver, Decoder, and Serial Transmitter. The ALERT Transceiver / Decoder functions work for incoming messages from the radio and sends them to the RS-232 port as binary data for direction connection to a computer or server running an ALERT data display application, or to propagate the data over the data communications network.


4500The 4500 Base Station Receiver accepts transmitted data from field transmitters or repeater stations. It is small and lightweight for convenient placement close to the antenna, and is powered by a 12 VDC charger.


3210The Serial Transmitter - Model 3210 receives either Synchronous or Asynchronous serial output data from a data logger or data acquisition unit and converts this data to an ALERT/IFLOWS format for radio frequency transmission.


1001The Model 1001-00 Field Technician Decoder was designed to make the technician's work in the field easier. Used in conjunction with a radio scanner and laptop computer, the Field Decoder allows the technician to receive and display transmitted ALERT/IFLOWS gauge data on site. It is small, lightweight and requires no external battery.


3701The Model 3701 Data Transceiver is designed for use with data generating devices using AFSK type modulation systems. It provides outstanding frequency stability and control.


The 3800 Series of RF Power Amplifiers are compatible with most ALERT/ALERT2 manufacturer's equipment.