Signal Conditioning

4015The Model 4015-01 Signal Conditioning Module converts SDI-12 data to an analog output. It does this for a single SDI-12 address and parameter (i.e., on a Pressure Transducer with a temperature sensor, the output would be for pressure only). Features include: (1) Current output can be specified as 0-1 mA, 0-20 mA, or 4-20 mA; voltage of 0-5 V is always available; (2) the 4015 can either act as the SDI-12 master polling the sensor on a timed basis, poll the sensor in response to a logic high on the "Read" terminal, or merely listen while another device polls the sensor; (3) the 4015's output is proportional to the "value" of the sensor response; and (4) the current drops to less than 500uA during sleep. All user programming is done on the SDI-12 bus.


4046The Model 4046 SDI Sensor Interface provides for two 0-5 VDC analog inputs, one digital event (tipping bucket), battery voltage and internal temperature. The Model 4046 uses the standard SDI-12 version 1.1 command set. The Model 4046 may be used with any SDI-12 data logger. Since most high rate GOES radios incorporate an SDI-12 sensor interface, a complete GOES system can be made using the Model 4046 Sensor Interface with GOES radio. Input measurement ower to the external sensors is either 12 VDC or a precision 5 VDC set by an internal jumper. Sensor warm-up time-input, User defined slope and offsets may be set using "extended" commands. There are no adjustments which need to be made to the Model 4046 once a system is configured.


5720-10The Temperature Signal Conditioning Modules - 5720-1X Series convert the Temperature Sensor - Model 5720-00 output to either a 4 to 20 mA or 0.3 to 1.5 volt output. The Temperature Signal Conditioning Modules linearize the temperature sensor output and provides a second order correction to the Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) typically providing a 40:1 improvement in linearity.