Pre-construction,Site completion ServicesPre-construction and Site completion services are available for your HSE equipment installation project. Customers benefit from having a single source of professional services from pre-construction to site completion. Pre-construction services offered by HSE consist of site surveys to determine if your proposed site is suitable for the equipment you are interested in installing and what preparation will be required to successfully install your equipment. HSE offers several site completion services including managing the entire project with a dedicated Product Manager who will interface with your representative and other contractors that may be involved.


5433-80The Model 5433-80 IceSight Annual Service Plan is an affordable, one year service contract that provides for "parts and labor", as well as annual tune-up of the sensor (at HSE's facility in California).   The plan is renewable year by year, for up to a total of five additional years.


Field Maintenance ServicesField Maintenance Services are available from HSE. You can choose to have your personnel trained to maintain your equipment or have a HSE certified technician visit and maintain your sites on a periodic basis defined by you.


model-8205-05The Model 8205-05 RWIS Software Suite (aka DataWise┬«) supports RWIS by incorporating the National Transporation Communications Standard for ITS Protocol; reference NTCIP 1204v3 ESS.   This allows R DataWise to communicate with any NTCIP-based Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) device via R TCP/IP or serial port.


computer keyboardThe Model 8300 Hosted Data Monitoring Service spans across all market segments served by HSE, including Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Advance Flooded Roadway Warning Systems (AFRWS), HydroMet monitoring systems, and dam and levee safety systems.  The service can be customized to each client's need and preferences, and can provide a range of access, data archival, and notification options.


Training ServicesFactory and on-site training classes are available. HSE seminars and workshops offer the most thorough and complete instruction for companies, agencies and individuals devoted to environmental monitoring. 




8910 picThe Model 8910 Per-Incident Support provides advice and technical assistance for a nominal fee.  It is designed to meet the needs of individual third part service providers in their commercial servicing of HSE equipment owned by others.


Repair ServicesRepair and Calibration Services are offered by HSE either using our in-house repair and calibration facility or having a highly trained field service technician visit your site to perform a field repair.