Weather Sensors

5710The Model 5710-00 Wind Direction Sensor is a professional quality sensor which makes it ideal for use in many applications. This sensor offers a level of quality and reliability often found only in a very high priced unit. The thermoplastic and stainless steel components resist corrosion, and contribute to a high strength-to-weight radio.


5711The Model 5711-00 Wind Speed Sensor has proven itself to be rugged, reliable and highly accurate in wind tunnel tests, in mountain-top tests, and in thousands of household and institutional installations.


5713Model 5712-00 Wind Monitor is a rugged, accurate wind sensor. The simple, light weight corrosion-resistant construction makes it well suited for a wide range of wind measurement applications.


5720The Model 5720-00 Temperature Sensor is a highly accurate, low power temperature sensor for both water and air temperature measurement applications. It utilizes a thin film platinum RTD element that provides an accuracy of ±0.36° F (±0.20° C). and a measuring range of -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C).


5723-11The Temperature Humidity Sensor - Model 5723-11 is designed for use outdoors as a stand-alone sensor or with data loggers, transmitters, or other remote processing units. The Temperature Humidity Sensor is a rugged, accurate temperature/RH probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications.


5722-01The Relative Humidity Temperature Probe - Model 5722-01 was designed for use in complex systems such as weather stations. When combined with a wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and rain sensors you create a complete evapotranspiration weather station. The Relative Humidity Temperature Probes feature low power consumption and fast startup for battery powered applications.


5728The Model 5728-00 Solar Radiation Shield protects ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors from direct sunlight and reflected solar radiation.


5730The Model 5730-03 Barometric Pressure Sensor provides solid-state barometric pressure data for all elevations. This advanced technology allows accurate pressure measurement with excellent repeatability and temperature compensation. Low power consumption makes the 5730-03 ideally suited for portable and remote sensing applications.


5790The Model 5790-00 Pyranometer Sensor is designed for field measurements in energy, agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological applications.


5428The Model 5428-00 RWIS Snow Depth Sensor is an ideal solution for remotely monitoring snow depth or water levels. The sensor works by measuring the time required for an ultrasonic pulse to travel to/from a target surface. An integrated temperature probe with solar radiation shield, provides an air temperature measurement for properly compensating the distance measured. An embedded micro-controller calculates a temperature compensated distance and performs an error checking routine.


5450Model 5450 Frost Depth Probe is a highly accurate, low power, temperature sensor system for determining ground frost depth. The assembly is installed vertically underground and provides highly accurate temperature readings at various depths below the surface. The rugged design is ideal for long term deployment below the road surface for determining the frost depth.