Water Level Sensors

6640The Model 6640 Series of Submersible Pressure Transducers provides high accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions, making it ideally suited to environmental monitoring applications such as surface water, streams, and reservoirs.


6753The Model 6753-00 Radar Level Sensor is a 'downward-looking' measuring system. It measures the distance from the transmitter to the water's surface. Radar impulses are emitted by an antenna, reflected off the water surface and received again by the radar system.Traditionally, Ultrasonic devices have been the preferred level measurement technique in many stream monitoring applications where budget restrictions are tight. And while ultrasonic level measurement indeed provides a low-cost solution, it can however, suffer from problems of echo loss and poor temperature compensation. The 6753 offers an accurate and reliable alternative to Ultrasonics.


6830The Model 6830 SDI-12 Shaft Encoder uses solid-state optical technology to measure the stage level of rivers, streams, irrigation systems, or floodgate position. It is an intelligent sensor that can be programmed to accept commands and return data in the industry standard SDI-12 format.


6800 SeriesThe 6800 Series of Shaft Encoders are used to measure the rise and fall of liquid levels in various applications including stilling wells and stored bodies of water. They are available in 2 different configurations: the Model 6800-00 Stand Alone Encoder comes packaged in a small weather-resistant enclosure for mounting in a stilling well, and the Model 6800-02 Shaft Mounted Encoder, designed to mount directly on the shaft of an existing chart or punch tape recorder.


6652The Model 6652-00 High Accuracy Pressure Transducer is a microprocessor controlled, pressure sensor designed for use in the laboratory or in the field. Providing precision measurements of dry gasses, it can directly replace pressure measurement systems such as the mercury manometer or other analog sensors.


6653The Model 6653-00 "Smart Gas" Purge System replaces the heavy, high-pressure gas bottles, oil sight feeds, flow regulators, and leaky manifolds found in gas purge pressure management units. It is reliable, light weight, and low power suitable for use in the most remote locations.