Road Weather Sensors

5433The Model 5433 IceSight Non-intrusive Road Surface Condition Sensor uses laser and infrared technology to read surface condition, temperature and grip.Mounted easily on nearby traffic or luminary poles, this sensor provides an economical means of gathering road condition information for ATMS, MDSS and weather-responsive traffic management applications.


5436The Model 5436 Mobile Surface Sentinel is a precision instrument that provides surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit. The Mobile Surface Sentinel sensor connects through a wireless connection to the Mobile Display Unit (MDU) for simple installation without the need to route wires. The Mobile Surface Sentinel is used to detect and alert the vehicle operator of possible freezing conditions. It was designed for the high demands of road weather management professionals.


5439The Model 5439 Fixed Surface Sentinel is a compact and rugged sensor that provides surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point from a fixed tower or pole.


5435The Model 5435 Mobile IceSight is a RWIS Mobile Surface Condition Sensor that provides realtime surface weather condition of roadways. It uses infrared technology to detect hazardous ice, snow, or wet conditions without embedding any sensors in the pavement. The sensor is designed and manufactured exclusively in the U.S.


5721-05The Model 5721-05 RWIS Road Sensor Station is a NTCIP compliant Environmental Sensor Station for monitoring the actual road surface environment. It is well suited for roadways, ice-prone bridges, elevated roadways (including entryways, parking garage ramps or loading docks), and other commercial applications.


5721-01The Parking Lot Surface Sensor - Model 5721-01 is designed as a low cost, in-road surface sensor unit for integration with other field devices in an ITS Network. Real-time anti-icing knowledge of the pavement surface temperature and surface state is necessary for making an informed decision on treatment. The sensors monitor the actual road surface environment. They are well suited for parking lot surfaces, parking garage ramps, entryways, sidewalks, loading docks, ice-prone bridges, and normal and elevated roadways.


5434The Model 5434-00 RWIS Visibility Sensor measures atmospheric visibility for use in RWIS Environmental Sensor Stations.


5438The Present Weather Sensor - Model 5538-00 is a fully automated instrument that provides accurate visibility, present weather, and precipitation measurements in a single sensor. The Present Weather Sensor use all digital signal processing (DSP) for no-drift, high accuracy results. Applications include using the Present Weather Sensor at airports, along roadways by regional and/or state transportation departments, and road weather research facilities.