2400The 2400 Series Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge provides state-of- the-art technology for ALERT flood warning. It consists of a 12 inch diameter housing, a 12 inch anodized funnel, a 12 inch anodized debris screen, and a 4 inch stainless steel screen. The Tipping Bucket Mechanism is mounted on an anodized aluminum base with an integrally mounted bulls-eye level that uses spring-tension adjusters for accurate, set-and-forget operation.


2408The Model 2408 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is a precision, low cost instrument designed for measuring rainfall accumulation and rate. It is constructed entirely of corrosion- resistant materials for accurate, trouble-free operation; and, interfaces to virtually all data acquisition systems.


2500The Model 2500-00 Electrically Heated Rain Gauge accurately measures rain and frozen precipitation. Mechanically the same as the Model 2400-00 Rain Gauge Top Section, the 2500-00 is designed for mounting on top of an ALERT standpipe. (Optional roof mount or pole mount configurations are available.) The 2500-00 consists of a one-piece machined aluminum tipping bucket and an aluminum housing which holds a spun aluminum funnel. The gauge includes 2 separate heaters: a 500 watt wrap-around blanket heater attached to the underside of the collection funnel to melt the precipitation, and a 100 watt blanket heater is mounted under the top section base so that the measured precipitation passes out of the gauge freely without freezing. Each heater is controlled by an individual thermostat to reduce power consumption and evaporation.

Note that laboratory testing at an ambient air temperature of -10 F. showed power consumption of less than 1kWhour per day.


2400-50The Model 2400-50 Tip Rate Compensator minimizes further, the small amount of error inherent in the performance of any tipping bucket rain gauge.


2310The Model 2310-00 All-Season Gauges utilizes an antifreeze mix in a 12" diameter cylinder with an overflow tube.  It is intended to mount on top of an existing Model 2400-00 top section utilizing an extension tube to direct the overflow stream into the tipping bucket. When precipitation enters the 2310, it mixes with the anti-freeze solution and displaces a volume equivalent to the amount of precipitation. This fluid drains through the overflow tube to the tipping bucket which measures the precipitation.


2601The Model 2601-00 is a non-recording rain gauge designed for the National Weather Service to provide a reliable, low cost rain gauge for its weather observer teams. It's accurate, yet simple design ensures trouble-free operation.


2700The Model 2700-00 4 Inch All Weather Rain Gauge meets National Weather Service specifications. Made of clear polycarbonate injected into a mold, the Model 2700 consists of four pieces, the top funnel, the inside measuring tube, the outer cylinder, and the mounting bracket. The inner clear measuring tube will hold up to one inch of water and is graduated in .01 inch increments. If more than an inch of precipitation falls, then it overflows into the larger four-inch polycarbonate collection cylinder for a total collection of eleven inches of precipitation.