5300The 5300 Series of Solar Panels are used for maintaining a battery charge at sites that include control, telemetry, remote sensing, data collection, and other instrumentation systems. High Sierra Electronics uses photovoltaic and thin film technology for reliable, long-term operation. The modules generate direct current (DC) when exposed to sunlight or other sources of light.


5315-01Model 5315-01 10A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charger & Load Control is an easy to use, versatile solar charger that also serves to activate a load. The unit is designed for remote outdoor applications such as warning beacons and traffic management systems. Our own advanced MPPT charging algorithm is used for optimum utilization of the power available from the solar array. The unit provides load control functions, with steady state or flashing control of up to a 10Amp load.


5310The 5310 Solar Panel Voltage Regulator is intended for float charging of lead acid batteries. It is compatible with solar arrays whose current output is less than or equal to 3 Amperes. It may be used with any size lead-acid battery. Unlike some other regulators, the 5310 will not damage your battery due to overcharging. The 5310 will act as a blocking diode when the battery voltage is greater than the solar array voltage. There will be no reverse current low. The 5310 draws no current from the battery.


5600 SeriesThe model 5600 Series of valve-regulated batteries set the standard for quality and excellence in rechargeable lead-acid battery technology. These batteries feature a lead-lead dioxide system with a suspended dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte. Excessive pressure build up due t o overcharging is avoided with special one-way valves that allow dry gas to escape from inside the case.


5330The 5330 Series Surge Suppressors are two pair (four wire) voltage suppression modules implementing three-stage hybrid technology.


5603The Model 5603-00 Battery Float Charger is designed to provide optimum life for batteries used in standby applications The charger delivers a constant voltage of 13.7 volts which allows the battery to seek its own current level and maintain itself in a fully charged condition.


5605The Model 5605-00 Battery Maintenance System is an intelligent, micro-controller based charge/discharge system. It is used to test the ability and fully characterize a battery. The 5605-00 will test and determine if the battery will accept and hold its specific charge prior to placing it in the field. The discharge time is recorded and can be displayed on the unit's LED display. There is also an LED to indicate the operating mode. During a cycle, the voltage, current, or elapsed time can be displayed.


5607The 12V Battery Charger – Model 5607-00 is a solid-state battery charger designed to charge your 12-volt battery and maintain and hold it to a full charge. The 12V Battery Charger will keep your battery fully charged and can be plugged in for as long as you want. The 12V Battery Charger will never over charge your battery. A state-of-the-art micro-processor controls the 12V Battery Chargers. The 12V Battery Charger’s charge time is equivalent to conventional taper chargers using twice the current yet they maintain, de-sulfate, and condition your battery while it’s not in use for extended battery life. The solid-state technology means you can leave the 12V Battery Charger plugged in 24 hours a day, seven days a week.