Packaged Systems

3480The Model 3480 Series of Advance Warning Station that advises motorists of an impaired or flooded roadway by activating flashing lights or an automatic barrier gate. The 3480 is a complete roadside warning system that integrates with existing ALERT/IFLOWS Flood Warning Systems. Included in a typical package is a microprocessor-based Controller housed in a locking aluminum cabinet, an aluminum mounting pole with a DOT-approved breakaway base and anchor, two 12" diameter flashing signal beacons, solar panel, battery, antenna, lightning protection, and hardware necessary for attaching a diamond MUTCD-approved warning sign.


3466The Model 3466-00 Packaged Pressure Transducer Station provides real-time data for monitoring water levels at dams, streams, reservoirs, lakes, waste treatment facilities, irrigation canals, or most anywhere hydrological data is needed with an accuracy of 0.1%. It provides all the necessary equipment to automate routine monitoring tasks. With a twelve-inch diameter, the easy maintenance Model 3466-00 is a practical choice whether you are at a rugged, space-confining site, or at a stream side.


3424The Model 3424-00 Rain Gauge Station generates real-time data to help in flood warning, reservoir management, and any other application that calls for timely rainfall information. The data provides information of precipitation patterns and events as they happen, helping the system operator understand and predict runoff. This information facilitates the decision making of emergency management personnel during times of potential flooding helping to save property and lives.


3425The Model 3425-00 Electrically Heated Rain and Snow Gauge Station accurately measures rain and frozen precipitation. As precipitation is collected and melted in the 12" funnel, water is directed to a tipping bucket mechanism adjusted to tip and dump when 1.0 mm of water is collected (an optional .01 inch bucket is also available). With each tip of the bucket, a magnet passes over a sealed reed switch that causes a momentary contact closure. The contact closure is counted by the circuitry in the 3206-00 ALERT/IFLOWS transmitter, and the accumulated value is transmitted to the base station.


3451The Model 3451-00 Packaged Weather Station is designed to automatically measure and report weather conditions. The weatherproof ALERT/IFLOWS standpipe houses the transmitter and acts as an antenna tower and sensor support. The data transmitted from the weather station can be use in a number of applications such as flood and/or storm warnings, establishing historical and real time data for agriculture, marine weather forecasting, and the effects of weather changes on tidal areas.