8025The Model 8025-00 Remote Field Station Tester provides a means to verify the radio transmissions of High Sierra Electronics' Model 3300 Store & Forward Repeater and the 3200 Series of ALERT Data Transmitters. Applications include transmitter and sensor tests of an installed ALERT station, radio path tests, and troubleshooting base station reception problems.


5500The Model 5500-00 Digital Data Pumper is a versatile instrument with several useful applications. Plugged into a digital port without a sensor attached, it will simulate a digital sensor such as a tipping bucket or shaft encoder. This tests the transmitter's digital ports and provides a steady signal for testing transmitters, radio paths, repeaters, and base stations.


5528The Portable Digital Pressure Indicator & Calibrator - Model 5528-00 is a highly accurate calibration instrument, which is available in -12.3 to 145 psi (-0.85 to 10 bar) pressure range (special measurement ranges are available on request). The Portable Digital Pressure Indicator & Calibrator is used to generate pressure in order to check and calibrate mechanical and electronic pressure measurement devices with the help of comparative measurements.


5510The Radio Telemetry Wattmeter - Model 5510-00 accurately measure Radio Frequency (RF) Power flow under any load condition. The wattmeters can measure both forward and reverse power.


5512The Model 5512-00 Watt meter is a compact versatile instrument used for direct measurement of forward and reflected radio frequency power. Due to the wide band capability and dynamic range, this instrument does not require the use of any inserts or bandswitching.


5515The Model 5515-00 combines four basic circuits: a wide range oscillator, a frequency counter, a SWR meter, and an impedance meter.


5000The Model 5000-00 Desiccant Canister is a small, perforated canister packed with a desiccant having color indicators for moisture content. The case is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand years of use.