7110The Model 7110-00 3dB Gain Omni-Directional Antenna is a 3dB base matched ½ wave vertical J-pole antenna fed at the end through a quarter wave shorted transmission line. It requires no ground plane radials for effective operation. Typical applications for the Model 7110-00 include the 7000 Series Standpipes, base stations, and repeater sites where there are existing towers. It is made of seamless aluminum tubing and includes all stainless steel hardware for years of trouble free service.


7101The Model 7101-00 Broadband Antenna is a 6dB or 9db gain antenna. The 10MHz bandwidth provides optimum performance in single or multi-frequency systems, on both transmit and receive. It features four elements positioned evenly, every 90° around the mast, for omni pattern and comes with four elements aligned collinearly on the same side of the mast for maximum directional gain.


7105-04The Model 7105-04 High Gain Directional Antenna is a heavy duty point-to-point Yagi antenna commonly used in data transmission and control station applications. It features a frequency range of 166 to 174 MHz, a pre-set Reddi match feed system, and can be quickly and easily assembled at the installation site. Precisely machined boom-to-element blocks prevent corrosion and noise buildup.


7131The GPS Antennas - Model 7131 is an external, high performance Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna for use with the ALERT2 family of Data Transmitters. The low profile permanent mount GPS antennas provide 28 dB gain and superior out-of-band rejection performance and is the optimum choice for GPS tracking and timing applications with high radio frequency fields.


7154The Models 7154-01 and 7154-02 are high impact molded ASA radome antennas that provide a high degree of protection from hostile environments. When mounted on a flat surface, maximum radiation is vertical and omni-directional. Both Models are field tunable for selective operation.


7200The Model 7200-00 Lightning Protection Device reduces the risk of system failure for equipment frequently exposed to lightning storms. Electrical surges due to lightning are common sources of sensor and data acquisition equipment failures. Although protection against a direct lightning strike cannot be guaranteed, the Model 7200-00 minimizes the amount of energy that will get through to the equipment. It diverts the strike energy to the Earth through a deliberate and controlled path so that no damage will be incurred.


7205 picThe Model 7205-00 Antenna Lightning Protection is a gas-filled surge protection device with a changeable Gas Arrester Tube designed to protect transmitters, repeaters, and base stations from surge voltages caused by lightning or other electrical sources induced onto antenna cables.