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Packaged Systems
HSE has a variety of pre-packaged systems that may meet your monitoring needs. Please contact us if you need assistance developing a custom monitoring solution.
HSE offers many different types of sensors for your monitoring system.
Signal Conditioning
Signal conditioning products are used to convert one type of sensor signal output into another so your data gathering and monitoring system can accept it and obtain data readings.
RWIS Remote Processing Units
Remote processing units are the heart of any road weather monitoring system. They are designed to collect and transmit local road and atmospheric data for analysis.
Data Logging and Recorders
Recording sensor data is a key feature of most monitoring systems and HSE offers several options.
Retrieving your data is an important aspect of any monitoring program. With a telemetry solution your data comes to your office for analysis.
As part of your telemetry solution the antenna used is critical to the success of your data transmission system.
Towers and Standpipes
Often it is beneficial for your monitoring system to be well protected from the elements. HSE offers standpipes and cabinets to protect your equipment.
If your monitoring site doesn't have AC power you will need to determine how your equipment will get it's power. Here are a few options for you to consider.
You can find test equipment here along with maps and desiccant canisters.
At HSE, we work with several software vendors to provide our customers with full turn-key solutions. For assistance in selecting the package that is right for your application, please contact us.
HSE offers many services including installation, maintenance, and data monitoring. You will find more information here.