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ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit
January 2016 - ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit - Model 3324-02

ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit - Model 3324-02
Available April 2016.

Introducing a lower investment alternative to upgrading your rain gauge only sites to the new ALERT2 communication protocol.

The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit - Model 3324-02 is a cost effective way to upgrade a rain only monitoring site from Legacy ALERT to ALERT2. The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit can be used to upgrade High Sierra Electronics (HSE) transmitter Models 3206 and 3201 and the Model 5096 transmitter which has been manufactured over the years by Sierra Misco, NovaLynx, and HydroLynx. The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit hardware mounts quickly and easily in your existing transmitter’s chassis using the included wiring harnesses to connect to your transmitter’s battery and radio (Maxon or Midland).

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8 inch Tipping Bucket
November 2015 - 8 inch Tipping Bucket - Model 2408-00

8 inch Tipping Bucket

Introducing the new precision, low cost 8 inch Tipping Bucket - Model 2408-00 designed for measuring rainfall accumulation and rate.

The 8 inch Tipping Bucket is constructed entirely of corrosion- resistant materials for accurate, trouble-free operation; and, interfaces to virtually all data acquisition systems. The 8 inch Tipping Buckets have a built-in Tip Rate Compensator which will automatically add tips during high intensity rain events. This feature enables the 8 inch Tipping Buckets to have extremely high accuracy over a greater range of rain rates.

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The Mobile Surface Sentinel
September 2015 - 5436 Mobile Surface Sentinel

mobile surface sentinel

Introducing the new Mobile Surface Sentinel non-intrusive mobile surface temperature sensor. 

The Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor - Model 5436-00 Surface Sentinel is a highly accurate sensor system that provides surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit. The sensor connects wirelessly to the Mobile Display Unit (MDU) for simple installation without the need to route wires. It is used to detect and alert the vehicle operator of possible freezing conditions. The sensors were designed for the high demands of road weather management professionals.

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The Surface Sentinel
August 2014 - 5439 Surface Sentinel


High Sierra Electronics is excited to introduce its Surface Sentinel non-intrusive surface temperature sensor. 

The Model 5439 Fixed Surface Sentinel is a compact and rugged sensor that provides surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point from a fixed tower or pole. A contact output is also provided directly from the sensor to activate ITS devices based on user thresholds.

The sensor uses infrared technology specifically tuned for the road surface to provide highly accurate temperature readings from the side of the road.  The three tube housing was designed and tested to reduce solar radiation effects and provide accurate air temperature and relative humidity readings.  Fan aspiration is provided for even better ambient condition measurements. The fan speed is managed by ambient light and can turn off at night to conserve power.
SDI-12 CommunicationsLow power consumptionContact output from sensor (high/low thresholds, frost warning)Low costOpen protocol
Activate ITS devices directly from the sensor.

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