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Product Manuals

Warranty Statement

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

MANUAL 1000-03(A) ALERT/IFLOWS Decoder

MANUAL 1001(C) Hand-Held Decoder

MANUAL 2310(C) All-Season Rain & Snow Gauge

MANUAL 2400(C) Rain Gauge Top Section

MANUAL 2400-11 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Top Section Retrofit Kit

MANUAL 2400-50 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Tip Rate Compensator

MANUAL 2500(C) Electrically Heated Rain & Snow Gauge Top Section

MANUAL 2601(A) Non-Recording 8" Rain Gauge

MANUAL 2700(B) 4" Rain Gauge

MANUAL 3206(F) ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter

MANUAL 3206-20(D) Datalogging Option

MANUAL 3210 (B) - Serial Transmitter

MANUAL 3300 Series (B) - ALERT Repeater

MANUAL 3306/3316/3512/3324 ALERT/ALERT2 Data Transmitter

MANUAL 3345-01 ALERT Transceiver/Decoder

MANUAL 3345-02 ALERT Transceiver/Decoder

MANUAL 3350 Series ALERT Controllers

MANUAL 4000-01(C) Output Converter

MANUAL 4011(B) Output Converter

MANUAL 4015(B) SDI-12 to Analog Output Converter

MANUAL 4046(C) Sensor Interface

MANUAL 4500(A) Base Station Receiver

MANUAL 5301-03(B) 100mA Solar Panel

MANUAL 5302-5307(B) Solar Panels

MANUAL 5315-01(F) Solar Charger & Lamp Flasher

MANUAL 5433-3X(A) IceSight Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor

MANUAL 5436-00(A) Mobile Surface Sentinel Temperature Sensor

MANUAL 5439-00(A) Fixed Surface Sentinel Temperature Sensor

MANUAL 5528-00(A) Submersible Pressure Transducer Portable Low-Pressure Calibrator

MANUAL 5605-01(C) Battery Maintenance System

MANUAL 5710(A) Wind Direction Sensor

MANUAL 5711(A) Wind Speed Sensor

MANUAL 5711-01(C) Wind Speed Sensor Mounting Arm & Hardware

MANUAL 5720-00 and 5720-1X(D) Temperature Sensor and Signal Conditioning Modules

MANUAL 5721(C) Road Temperature/Moisture Sensor

MANUAL 5728/5729(B) Solar Radiation Shield

MANUAL 5730(B) Barometric Pressure Sensor

MANUAL 5760-00(B) Conductivity Sensor

MANUAL 5790(B) Pyranometer Sensor

MANUAL 6640-00 Submersible Pressure Transducer

MANUAL 6692(PR-2) Bubbler Water Level Sensor

MANUAL 6703-02(A) UltraSonic Level Sensor 

MANUAL 6709(A) UltraSonic Level Sensor - Under Revision

MANUAL 6810(A) Shaft Encoder

MANUAL 6830-01(C) SDI-12 Shaft Encoder with Battery Back-up

MANUAL 6830-02(C) SDI-12 Shaft Encoder

MANUAL 7000(B) Standpipe Assembly

MANUAL 7000-03(C) Retrofit Standpipe Door

MANUAL 7105-04(B) High Gain Directional Antenna

MANUAL 7110(C) Omni-Directional Antenna

MANUAL 8026(J) Remote Station Tester


Discontinued products

MANUAL 3500-00 Single Channel Data Recorder

MANUAL 3501-00 Data Module Reader