Customer Service
HSE represents over 50 years of engineering experience. We offer a wide range of services from efforts to help you make the best choices about where to install your monitoring sites to maintaining and repairing your equipment well after installation.


Annual Maintenance Contracts are available to help you reduce costs related to your installation while ensuring your system and instrumentation are operating at peak performance.


HSE also offers Hosted Data Monitoring Services. This service spans across all market segments served by HSE, including RWIS, flooded roadway warning systems, HydroMet monitoring systems, and dam and levee safety systems.


Our technicians and engineers are available to assist you in evaluating and/or troubleshooting any challenge you may be experiencing with your HSE equipment. Please feel free to Contact Us with any customer service questions or visit the pages below for more details on the services we offer.

For equipment evaluation/repair, please complete and return our Return Merchandise Authorization Form.



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