Road Weather Systems

Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) provide real-time information about road weather and roadway conditions. Information is used to help operations and maintenance personnel stay informed about road weather system conditions to make timely decisions and improve traffic safety. Our ESS are National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Protocol (NTCIP) compliant and offer a non-proprietary, open architecture design that allows maximum flexibility in choosing road weather sensors and telemetry options. Whether an agency needs to initiate alarms, mobilize emergency personnel or active road weather system related closures, HSE provides a professional solution to quickly and reliably transform data into actionable information.

Road weather systems management solutions include:

  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) to track weather changes, threats to road surface conditions, disseminate information, and facilitate Dynamic Message Signs or other automatic warning systems.
  • "Mini" RWIS remote processing units designed for primary deployment within existing or new ITS cabinets for simpler implementation at a lower cost that traditional Road Weather Information Systems installations and responsive traffic management.
  • The IceSight non-intrusive surface condition sensor uses laser and infrared technology to read surface condition, temperature and trip. Mounted easily on nearby traffic or luminary poles, this road weather system sensor provides an economical means of gathering road condition information for Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS), and weather-responsive traffic management applications.