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ALERT/IFLOWS Flood Warning Road Weather Information Systems
ALERT/IFLOWS Flood Warning
The ALERT/IFLOWS technology provides low cost, real-time data where rainfall and river levels present danger to lives and property. Important to any hydromet system, HSE equipment provides the necessary tools to help with prediction and warnings of precipitation and flooding.
Road Weather Information System
Our Environmental Sensor Stations provide real-time information about weather and roadway conditions.  Both full and "mini" RWIS are NTCIP-compliant and offer a non-proprietary design that allows maximum flexibility in choosing sensors and telemetry options.

RWAS Brochure

Dam and Levee Monitoring Weather Stations
Dam and Levee Safety Monitoring
Automated monitoring systems provide real-time data for overseeing water moving towards dams and by levees. Other applications include monitoring irrigation systems, streams, rivers and storm water run-off. HSE integrated hydromet systems are designed to monitor water levels with very low power consumption by operating on solar power.
Weather Stations
Automatic weather stations designed by HSE can be configured with a variety of environmental sensors to meet the real-time data processing and reporting requirements for Federal, State, and local authorities.
Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring
HSE water quality stations can be assembled to monitor pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. Equipment solutions range from hand-held instruments to complete, unattended monitoring systems with real-time telemetry.