Who's Using HSE?

HSE prides itself on listening to the needs of our customers. We are happy to pass on to you comments from some of our valued clients.



County of Monterey, CA
Jason Demers, Technician - Water Resources
PRODUCT: Water Level Monitoring Station with Rain Gauge
"The storm system stalled over the coast range adding significantly to our rain totals. We received up to 6 inches in the mountains today and all of the watersheds started flowing rather suddenly. Since lunch we reached monitor stage on the Big Sur, closed a crossing over the Pajaro, and the Nacimiento jumped up to 6,000 CFS and is still rising. It always amazes me how rapidly things change. Days like this really reinforce the value of ALERT systems."

City & County of Denver, CO
Pat Kennedy, Engineering Supervisor - Public Works
PRODUCT: Model 5721 Road Moisture & Temperature Sensors
"...it will be snowing by this evening. Spring time in the Rockies. This is where your sensors are earning their keep. We can track the pavement temps and with that knowledge, we've decided not to bring plow crewsh in, saving us a bunch of overtime bucks".

County of Bexar, TX
Art Villarreal, Watershed Program Coordinator - Flood Control Division
PRODUCT: Model 3480 Advance Warning Station for Flooded Roadways
"...from hardware installation to software set-up and configuration, the system has performed and has helped our agency improve safety measures for area residents and visitors. We look forward to continuing our relationship with HSE".

County of Fairfax, VA
Don Lacquement, Engineer III - Maintenance & Stormwater Management Division, Public Works
PRODUCT: ALERT Flood Warning System for Monitoring High Hazard Dams
"Hurricane Hannah came through and dropped more than a 100-year rainfall in some areas. This storm was the first opportunity we had to see the HSE equipment function during a significant event. Their system, together with DataWise software, was a tremendous asset in responding to this large storm".

Dept of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, WV
Shelby McGee, Flood Warning Technician
PRODUCT: Model 3306 ALERT Data Transmitter
“I’m a dedicated convert to the 3306. I was skeptical at first, but I’ve been using it with Design Analysis radar sensors and other equipment, and I’m convinced of its superiority over other transmitters”.

Pierce County, WI
Jim Kleinhans, Zoning Administrator
PRODUCT: Water Level Monitoring Station with Rain Gauge
“The equipment is amazing, we’re very impressed. The little (100mA) solar panel keeps the battery charged, so we haven’t had to change batteries. We make sure there’re no trees or vegetation, but otherwise, the system just works. I take my canoe and paddle past one of the sites when I’m out fishing and it looks great. We’re really happy we found you guys.”